Ddos killer

What the fuck is this. Do something about the game ubi. It's become a hive for entitled little turds who earn enough big boy points for their parents to buy them adapters so they can run around like losers and shoot thing to feel good about themselves. Do something about this shit. I've known people who flat out stopped playing this game because of the rising mnk kids, and now it's become so common I can't even play casual with the few who still do because every few games I come across them. I was playing tonight, doing pretty well. Met a team on fire, they were up 3-0 in doubles. The guy I was playing with was playing reckless and so I tried to stay back to make sure we weren't totally screwed. He starts the team messaging, FF, FF, FF, FF NOW OR ELSE. I watch (listen) to the news while I play, everything streaming fine on the other screen. All of a sudden I get the disconnect symbol and the game ends (streaming is still fine, no connection issues). I try to reconnect and of course. I never have matches where I disconnect amp I never pull the plug no matter how bad it gets but is it possible for the survivors to disconnect the host!? I’ve had 2 matches on two separate occasions where I was doing very well amp all the sudden it cuts me to the main menu amp says I need to have an Internet connection but everyone else in the house I didn't actually personally hear about this, but notQueen made a post on the Steam forums where I finally saw it. gt MLGA addon After investigation, we concluded that the MLGA addon was safe to use. We are working on our own ping / block tool but for now, we confirmed with EAC that no bans would be issued for the use of that addon. Note that this is the only 3rd party addon or software that has been whitelisted Played a game as killer against an obvious SWF group. I steam rolled them. Last guy just found me and basically committed suicide. As I was leaving the end screen he said, "enjoy no internet." And then it instantly said steam is offline and kicked me out of my game and now I have no internet. https://github.com/PsiLupan/MakeLobbiesGreatAgain/releases gt gt Added Killer IP blocking with an encrypted preferences file, meaning YOU CAN'T SHARE IT gt Shift + Right-Click during Survivor mode to have a killer show "BLOCKED" gt Shift + Ctrl + Right-Click during Survivor Mode to show a killer as "LOVED" gt Shift + Alt + Right-Click during Survivor Mode to remove a killer from your list, returning to the normal "Killer Ping" If you join a lobby with someon. Well it finally happened to me. 4-stack joined my killer lobby, 1 prestiged. Being a sporting chum, I decided not to lobby dodge. 2 Mins into game, caught my first survivor. Zero gens online, the other 3 ALL raced over to help. 5 mins of me chasing them round in circles, always managing to catch and hook a different survivor. Finally managed to hook and kill two of them, one of them the prestige 3. Many points had by all except: Internet drops out. Obvious DDoS. I think it's the single main priority right now and with DLCs they'll be getting more money than just from selling the game itself so dedicated servers should be affordable, right? There are no downsides to it other than that they cost money and will be down for maintenance every once in a while, nothing more that I can think of at least. The killer gets a quitter bonus if a survivor leaves, why not the other way around? The survivor should atleast get some survival points if a killer leaves. DDoS. Thats the only thing thats scares me about this game. I have never gotten DDoSed but everytime i'm against a SWF group and I stomp them, i'm shitless scared that I will get DDoSed. Just had a game where one guy was running a infinite and BM'ing, once I got him I of course face camped the shit out of him, but then he and 2 others DC'd at the exact same time and the one guy that was left escaped. I got so scared they where a SWF group and they where going to DDoS me. Nothing happend Its asymmetrical nature only lets people bitch about the other side the moment they even seem powerful. I really wish this game was designed with a random killer picked with dedicated servers. Maybe then the community wouldn't be so damn divided and toxic. When a survivor disconnects the killer gets their sacrifice points (plus quitter bonus), the survivor should get their escape points if the killer leaves, it should just act as if all other survivors left in the match escaped through hatch, rather than just giving the player a safety pip, that way if they ended up getting 3k they'd still pip as if the game ended with hatch normally and if they didn't escape through hatch they'd still get their safety. So I was just in a game where the only time I would lag is if the killer was in heartbeat range, and it wasn't just teleporting, it was so bad to where I would vault a window and I would just stand there running in place then be teleported into a wall. I noticed it on other survivors too (I have empathy), whenever he wasn't near me I wasn't lagging at all, but I also noticed when he would go near someone else they would lag. I saw a Meg (just got hit) unhook a Dwight, and then Dwight was still. Disclaimer: ARK is regularly hosting Ask-me-Anything's of upcoming and promising cryptocurrency projects. Keep in mind that ARK has no competitors - only future partners. Sam (pieface) Let us all welcome the team from https://foundation.ki/ (https://foundation.ki/) \- you all will be speaking with @Reda // Ki Foundation, @Tarek and @Dermot. I’ll let the team introduce the project so you can ask as many questions as you want after they do it. I'd ask the team from Ki Foundation So, My friend and I are currently going through our third lives and we're level 19. I'm playing your standard rogue wizard combo that does traps and uses instant kills while he's playing an Air/Fire Savant. It really feels that we've fallen off towards the end of our run. My DCs for heightened Phantasmal Killer is 49 as is my heightened finger of death (i went illusion archmage instead of necromancy for the Pkiller SLA). Other than the fact that if my first Pkiller misses, my second/Finger. So to start off it took me roughly a little over a month of playing straight to get Lunas howl. Season of the Forge dropped and I played it a couple weeks then took a month-ish off because I burned myself out from Season 4 grinding to get the Dredgen title (which the RNG gods blessed me with). I've never been a good Crucible player. I've always been just a casual Crucible player, only playing to get the power drops or IB rewards but not really caring too much about my gameplay