Endless space disharmony

Ill choose at random who gets it Note: Endless Space Disharmony IS A DLC not the actual game i'll check your profile to see if you have the game itself or not Endless Space Disharmony (http://store.steampowered.com/app/241430/). in 4X games like this, i'm more of a 'turtle', that is I concentrate on building up my empire/forces and rarely ever do early wars. I would have to say in these sort of games I'm a science/military type person, so with all these in mind what would your suggestions be in making a strong science/military custom faction and please explain why certain traits. Hey guys, If you're into Civ and other 4X games and love space, you'll really like Endless Space. The developer Amplitude really listen to their fans with their Games2Gether service, and the community is very active on their forums. Anyway, I have 50% off coupons (valid until Jan 1) for the game and the expansion, Disharmony. I really love Endless Space Disharmony, except for one thing: slogging through mid game combat. I never know when a war is going to start, and I never know what weapons/def mods an AI is going to have, and then I have to bust stack after stack of ships, potentially risking my hero, with game that discourages having reserves of ships due to high upkeep costs. My brain finally clicked and I realized why. Maybe someone can explain why a game is less fun when you get harshly penalized I am giving away one Steam 50% OFF coupon for Endless Space Emperor Edition and one for Endless Space Disharmony. Just comment here and let me know if you want either or even both. EDIT: Looks like no one is interested. As long as the flair doesn't say "Giveaway Over", I'll give both coupons to the first person See all the coupons in my inventory: First come first served. I've done a bit of research on this and still can't figure out if it's good or not. From what I can gather, the pros are that combat is actually interesting now, there are more options with invasions, and a lot of other small additions that make it more interesting. On the other hand, the ship designer is apparently worse, and the AI is ultra-aggressive to the point where diplomacy is pretty much rendered moot. I also remember hearing when it came out that the AI tweaks made the game WAY harder. Daedalic Black Friday sale All our deals: https://store.silagames.com/deals/ (https://store.silagames.com/deals/?utm_source=redditamputm_medium=referralamputm_campaign=deals) Full list of Daedalic Black Friday sale: https://store.silagames.com/deals/174/ (https://store.silagames.com/deals/174/?utm_source=redditamputm_medium=referralamputm_campaign=daedalic-black-friday-sale) Name Discount Steam key Price in $ Price in € Price in £ --- --- --- --- --- ---- Blackguards. Got one of each coupon if you guys want Endless Space 50% cheaper. Essentially giving away all of these for free, unless you really want to give me something in return. ~~50% off on the title Magical Diary ( (Valid until 11/10/2014)~~ 50% off on the title Woah Dave! ( (Valid until 11/28/2014) 25% off on the title Pixel Piracy ( (Valid until 4/15/2015) 25% off on the title Pixel Piracy (http://store.steampowered.com/app/264140/). I've purchased the early access to Endless Dungeons and I got these coupons. I already have both of the games, so I want to give them away. Expiration date on them is January Hello, I will be streaming Endless Space Disharmony At 9:00 pm (Denver time) I am a noob at this game and fear I am going to die. Help me not die by giving me some tips on the stream. All help would be appreciated so thanksssss. Ps: Im Craven race, huge galaxy, around a black hole,last place and at war with 2 people.